Access to Cat Island Tashirojima(Tashiro Island) Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture


I usually visit Tashiro Island (TASHIROJIMA)4 or 5 times a year. Access to the island and the local situation are constantly changing. This article is to share information on Tashirojima.


About Tashirojima

Tashirojima in Ishinomaki City,Miyagi Predecture is popular for fishing industry. Recently, it is also famous as an island where you can meet many cats.

The first destination you should go to is Ishinomaki City,Miyagi Prefecture.


How to get to Ishinomaki City

From Tokyo

To enjoy playing with cats on the island, it is better to get on board the 9:00 ship from Ishinomaki Centralboarding point of Ajishima Line.

Basically, it is difficult to arrive at the departure point of Ishinomaki Port at 9:00 on the first train departing from Tokyo Station. It is necessary to stay in Ishinomaki City or Sendai City.

If you are confident with your stamina , you should try the night service bus. For more information , please see below.

Night Service Bus From Tokyo to Ishinomaki Station

Miyagi Kotsu operates a night service bus daily from Shinjuku,Tokyo to Ishinomaki Station. If you are able to enjoy overnight bus , this is the easiest way to get there. You need a reservation to get on the bus.

(Caution) The service schedule may change, so please check in advance.

Night service bus【Hirose Liner】 time table for your reference

Shinjyuku・Shibuya-Senidai・Ishinomaki【Hirose Liner】

Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal23:30
Shibuya Mark City23:55
Sendai Station5:20
Saiwaimachi 5 tyoume5:41
Rifu Town office5:58
Hebita Hodokyo6:35
Ishinomaki Station6:40

Highway bus SendaiーIshinomaki Station

Miyagi Kotsu operates a highway bus daily from Sendai to Ishinomaki Station.

Sendai-Ishinomaki(no reservation required)

Link is only Japanese

By Train TokyoーIshinomaki Station

There is no direct service from Tokyo to Ishinomaki Station.So you need to transfer at Sendai Station.



Ajishima Line

Ajishima Line is the only shipping company to Tashirojima.They have two boarding points in Ishinomaki Port , one is Ishinomaki central boarding point and other is Kadowaki boarding point.

Boarding from Ishinomaki central boarding point is useful for the traveller who does not drive.

NOTICE The service may be suspended due to the weather condition. Please check operations status before boarding.

The operation status of Ajishimaline ,check Twitter. But only Japanese.

Ishinomaki central boarding point

Adress Riverside MOTOMACHI 2F 1-14-5 Cyuo Ishinomaki City,Miyagi Prefecture

business hour 08:00~17:00


You can get there by bus or taxi.

Bus time table “Yamashita Kadowaki Line” for your reference.

Miyakou Bus is operating “Yamashita Kadowaki Line”daily.(Revised October 1, 2018)

(Link is only Japanese)

NOTICE The schedule may change, so please check in advance.

Ishinomaki Station8:3011:3015:0016:50
Yamashita 1cyome8:3311:3315:0316:53
Ishinomaki Police Office8:3411:3415:0416:54
Yamashita 2cyome8:3511:3515:0516:55
Kadowaki 5tyome8:4111:4115:1117:01
Kadowaki 4tyome8:4211:4215:1217:02
Kadowaki 3tyome8:4311:4315:1317:03
Kadowaki 2tyome8:4411:4415:1417:04
Cyuou 1cyoume8:4611:4615:1617:06
Ishinomaki Genki Ichiba11:4715:17
Cyuou 3cyoume8:4811:4915:1917:08
Ishinomaki Station8:5311:5415:2417:13

Get off the bus at “Cyuou1cyoume bus stop” and you will see a brand new white building on the other side.Ticket Office is in the second floor of this building called “Riverside MOTOMACHI”

Riverside MOTOMACHI building

Please be sure not to enter from the first floor entrance, and walk on the left side of the building.

There are stairs to the second floor.

This is the ticket office.

inside of the ticket office

You can buy boarding pass from vending machine.

waiting room available

boarding point

Two Destinations on Tashirojima

There are two destinations on Tashiro Island.One is Nitoda and another is Odomari.

Generally, Nitoda port is popular destination on Tashiro Island, which has many cats, but the quiet Odomari Port is also attractive. “Odomari Port” seems to be visited by many people who enjoy fishing. I will make brief introduce about two ports.

Odonari Port 大泊港


Leaving Ishinomaki Port and arriving first is Odori Port.

The size of port and habitation area are smaller than “Nitoda Port”, but there are some cats and it is a good place to stay calm.

There is a waiting room and a toilet.

State of waiting room

Information board of the island in the Odmari port.

State of Odomari Port.

Cats in “Odomari” are also super friendly!

Please be sure not to feed cats for their health.

Another info on Odomari

  • Vending machine N/A
  • convenience store N/A

Nitoda Port 二斗田港

Nitoda is the main gate of Tashiro Island. As there are many cats, if it is your first trip to Tashiro Island you do not have enough time to stay , you should get off a ship at Nitoda Port.

Restroom available

You can have lunch on the bench.But your lunch box may be stolen by cats if you leave it here.

State of Nitoda boarding point.

After the earthquake, the port was newly developed.

waiting room at Nitoda boarding point

Waiting room near the departure point.

There are some cats living outside.

State of Nitoda fishing port.

Information board of the island in the Nitoda port.

cat in Nitoda port

Please enjoy Tashiro Island!

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